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                                        Teenage Community vs. the Real World  

       There are many challenges that the teenage community encounters in today’s society. Being a teenager is a vital part of life in which one is finding their place in the world. There are many obstacles that teenagers endure in today’s society. For example, some of those challenges include peer pressure, various social networking sites, easy access to drugs and alcohol and low self-esteem. As a teenager, I can personally relate too many of these challenges.  The teenage years are a time for individuals to see who they are as a person and what they really want to achieve in life. One challenge that protrudes the most in today’s society is the variety of social networking sites. 

      The number of social networking sites increases considerably as the years go on. Having so many sites to choose from and having easier access to these sites each day makes a teenager more vulnerable to the real world. This is because there are many people who prey on teens who do not have a distinct awareness of what the dangers are on the internet, and therefore are targeted more. Through these sites many teens chat with individuals that they do not know, which can lead to cyber bullying or even opening chances for child predators to step in. Many teens are not aware of the dangers that can result from being in chat rooms and talking to individuals that they are not familiar with. Social networking sites can also be a factor of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying has become a big reason for teen suicide. Teens who suffer from low self-esteem already are pushed to the edge by cyber bullies. The internet has become a major necessity in the world today, but it has also left more opportunities for dangers in our youth. Personally, I know that I am constantly checking my Facebook, tweeting about something on Twitter, or viewing someone’s page on MySpace. Recently there have been more cyber sites opening up like OovoOSkype, and Ustream TV, which allows teens to actually video chat with a person one on one. As more of these sites continue to develop, there are more chances for teens to be put in danger.

      Since more of these sites continue to be developed, some teens fail to realize the importance of dedication and hard work. I can see myself being an instrumental advisor in addressing these challenges by prompting more outdoors activities to help teens get more hands-on and to become active. If teens were able to go out and have other activities to participate in, then they would not be at home on the internet being drawn into the world of social networking on the web. I can also be an instrumental advocate by prompting more programs like Liberty Leads because teens will get a sense of the real world and how important it is to work hard in school. If more teens were aware of the dangers of these sites maybe they would spend less time paying attention to them and actually concentrate on their futures. Socializing on the internet is not as fatal as society makes it to be, however too much access to the worldwide web and its social networks can be dangerous to a teen course of life.

      To be a teen in today’s society has significant importance and it takes great deal of work. The teenage years hold a high level of importance because they build a solid foundation for the future. Having negative experiences as a teenage can alter the course of life a teenager chooses to follow. However, if we had more teen awareness programs to service and show teens the outlook on the real world, the number of teens falling into the traps of networking sites will decline significantly.  Teenagers are the leaders of tomorrow and we have to make sure that that tomorrow is promising.


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Comment by Alvin Hartley, President on March 11, 2012 at 9:55am

Outstanding Blog. Keep it coming


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